Sinestro #4

Release Date: July 23, 2014
Cover Date: September 2014

Story: Cullen Bunn
Art: Rags Morales
Cover: Rags Morales

Sinestro and his Corps fight off the Pale Vicars, but they seem to be immune to the yellow rings. They manage to “purge” Romat-Ru, but when they try it on Sinestro, he’s haunted by visions of Hal Jordan surpassing him at various points in his history. This only makes Sinestro mad, and the purging fails. The Vicars try to execute him instead, but are attacked by Soranik Natu. When they recalibrate their defenses to stop the Green Lantern, Sinestro sees his opening, and swiftly defeats and kills them. He then investigates the Paling ship, digging into their plans. His Lanterns destroy the ship, killing the hundreds of servants on board, but he keeps this last fact from Natu. Sinestro asks where she sent the rescued Korugarians…and he’s shocked to discover that Hal has them.

Maybe the silly Geoff Johns line on the cover set the tone, but this issue would’ve been a lot better if not for the inconsistencies. The Paling were great villains…until we found out that they could only repel one color of emotion at a time. They’re practically worthless now. Not only that, that’s the exact same way Black Lanterns and other modern Green Lantern foes were defeated! Repetition stinks. It also irritated me that willpower is still being treated as an emotion, when it is clearly not. Finally, Sinestro being upset at the visions of Hal has nothing to do with fear. That’s anger. The visions also seemed counterproductive, in that they were apparently designed to make Sinestro despair, which is a form of fear in itself. But the Paling are trying to purge emotion! What gives?

At least Rags Morales’ fantastic artwork made the issue fun to look at. Kudos to Jason Wright, too; his colors have the entire book a sketched look without seeming rushed or rough. All of the fine details still pop out! That’s some fine work.

Sinestro started out good, but I worry that it had a stinker this early on in its run. Then again, five Lanternverse titles is too many, so maybe this one’s destined for the chopping block sooner rather than later.

3 Responses to Sinestro #4

  1. mrmaczaps says:

    Amazing how they can’t seem to come up with a decent villain for the over all Lanternverse… Like each other… You know who would be cool to see again, LEGION… from Emerald Dawn. But I can’t recall where he was last seen…. but New 52, so it doesn’t matter.

    • liquidcross says:

      I think he was last seen in Emerald Dawn! I heard rumors that he was going to be the original villain for the GL film, until it was changed to Parallax. Would’ve been better that way…

      • mrmaczaps says:

        Oh he most definitely would have been a better villain… plus the movie would have done well. Ha! Emerald Dawn should have been used as the first of a trilogy for GL. Start there, 2nd movie can start with just after Guy & John have been inducted into the Corps and end with Parallax cliffhanger after credits is Kyle getting the ring… 3rd movie is Kyle and the rebuilding of the Corps… Between 1st and 2nd movies, do a Guy/John movie; between 2nd & 3rd, do a Warriors/Space GLs/Parallax movie… Man, I need to be a screen writer.

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