Green Lantern Corps (Vol. 3) #28

Release Date: February 12, 2014
Cover Date: April 2014

Story: Van Jensen and Robert Venditti
Pencils: Bernard Chang and Sean Chen
Inks: Bernard Chang and Walden Wong
Cover: Bernard Chang
Variant Cover: Howard Chaykin

John Stewart and his crew find Von Daggle on the planet Muz, but he’s none to pleased to see them. He feels abandoned by the Guardians and the Corps, so he fights off his would-be allies, ultimately surrendering after he can no longer shapeshift. He reveals that Durlans need to consume radioactive energy in order to use their abilities, and he’s all out. Unfortunately, a group of other Durlans show up, and they want Daggle for themselves. Meanwhile, back on Oa, repairs continue. Iolande’s worried about Soranik Natu, who’s been out of contact. Natu herself is moping in orbit along with Salaak, but they’re ambushed by an unseen for. Natu is taken prisoner, while Salaak is tossed into the atmosphere. Far below the surface, Morro and Mogo create gravestones for fallen Lantern, including Kyle Rayner. Finally, Natu awakens in a cavern with her captor: Arkillo!

I’m liking how the Corps is really being pulled in very different directions here. You’ve got Iolande reluctantly teaming up with rookies to find Natu, Kilowog rebuilding, Morro’s reconstruction of the crypt (I’m sure that wasn’t just put in there for show, nor two mentions of Kyle), and of course John’s mission with criminals to find Daggle. Natu’s depression in particular was fascinating, as she truly feels cursed due to all of the shit that’s happened to her. Salaak’s right in pointing out that none of it was her fault, but it’s still a crushing weight to bear.

I’m interested in who Arkillo’s shadowy allies might be. One might’ve been a member of the Spider Guild, and another reminded me of Lady Styx. Guess we’ll find out in the next issue or so. Obviously, Arkillo would’ve abducted Natu due to her connection to Sinestro. But is Arkillo still pissed at his former master?

Green Lantern Corps (Vol. 3) #28 continues Bernard Chang’s track record solid art, with a few panels featuring a stark red, black and white palette sans any shading. (Kudos to colorist Marcelo Maiolo on that one.) These are used for dramatic effect, though one or two seemed a little out of place. The cover art oddly makes me laugh. Fatality appears to have smelled something foul, while Bolphunga looks like he sat on a cold toilet seat.

There’s one thing in this issue that irked me. Daggle said that his power ring kept leaving his body every time he would shapeshift…which makes no sense. Green Lantern rings choose bearers based on their willpower, not their biology or appearance. Daggle’s mind stays the same regardless of his physical form changing, so there’s no reason the ring would think Daggle “wasn’t himself.” As for the Durlans needed radiation to maintain their powers…has that ever been mentioned before? Beyond the Corps, I’m not as learned in DC Comics’ cosmic tales as I should be, so I don’t know if this is a new revelation, retcon, or something from the past.

The Durlan arc plods on; it’s been good, but I still think it needs to resolve itself soon. As long as we keep getting satisfying issues out of it, I guess I can wait a little longer.

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One Response to Green Lantern Corps (Vol. 3) #28

  1. mrmaczaps says:

    I’ve never heard of the Durlans needing anything to keep them morphing. As far as what I’ve read in the past, its their biology that allows them this ability… So I’m thinking bad retcon… Or a slip up… or both.

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