The summer slowdown

Things aren’t going to be nearly as busy around here. Since Green Lantern: The Animated Series is done for the season, and we don’t have a deluge of Green Lantern mass media like we did last summer, this blog won’t see more than one post per week that often over the next few months.

Don’t worry, my weekly reviews of new comics will still appear on schedule, but other stuff — like classic reviews, toy commentary, and the like — won’t be nearly as prevalent. When the weather’s nice, I spend time outside rather than hunched over a keyboard. So should you!

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4 Responses to The summer slowdown

    • liquidcross says:

      Nope! I never read advance solicitations, because I hate spoilers. The only reason I’ve seen that image before is because someone else spoiled it on a message board I frequent. :(

      Besides, it’s far too early to tell what any of the zero-issue stuff even means. Could be anything at this point.

  1. Adamuz says:

    I was more on the lines of knowing your opinion about, from zero to Holy Terror´s Miller, how racis is to put (apparently) a black arab guy in a super agresive GL uniform and give him a frigging gun. A gun. To a guy sporting a GL ring.

    • liquidcross says:

      Oh, it’s bad. Really bad. But I doubt I’m the first to say so, nor will I be the last. I rolled my eyes quite a bit, but I do that quite often at a lot of DC (and Marvel) marketing decisions over the past few years.

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